Aerophilatelic Event

24-26 avril 2009




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Every year an Aero philatelic event is organised in different towns in Switzerland, sponsored by the Schweizerischer Aerophilatelisten Verein (SAV), the Swiss Aerophilatelic Society. The Club Philatélique de Meyrin (CPM) offered to organise the 2009 edition, and its proposal was accepted by the SAV.


Why 2009?

This is easily explained by the fact that 2009 is the 100th Anniversary of the Aero-Club of Geneva (the Geneva Regional Association of the Swiss Aero-Club) whose headquarters are located in Meyrin.


The Club Philatélique de Meyrin

The CPM, created in 1970 and a member of the Union of Swiss Philatelic Societies has never refused challenges.During its existence the Club has participated in several regional and national philatelic exhibitions. Above all, in December 2005 it organised the Degree III exhibition PhilaMeyrin ’05, which was an enormous success both at home and inter- nationally. In commemoration of this event a stamp was issued, which is reproduced opposite.


The 100th anniversary of the Aero-Club of Geneva

The year 2009 will be the centenary of the Aéro-Club de Genève (AéCGe). This Club was the very first in Switzerland to be interested in aviation, at a time when other clubs were concentrating on balloons.This Society has grown enormously since then. Today one of the primary objectives is the training of pilots and specially the young ones. This is the theme that the AéCGe has chosen for this special jubilee.

Events during the Aerophilatelic Event

Several interesting activities and events will take place on these days. The following are currently being planned:


The “PhilAero ’09” exhibition, with inter- national participation, will be the week-end’s main event. Approximately 300 display frames will be at the disposal of Swiss and foreign aerophilatelic collectors. No official competition has been organised, but a commemorative medal will be given to each participant.

Stamp and postcard fair

A stamp and postcard fair will take place. The principal specialised dealers will be present with about thirty tables.

Postal flight

A special flight from Geneva to another Swiss city will carry mail with a dedicated stamp and postmark.

Post office

The Swiss Post Office will be present with a booth on Saturday 25th April.

Special postmark

A special postmark will be available with the following text: “Journée de l’Aérophilatélie 25 avril 2009 – 1217 Meyrin”.

Special envelope

A commemorative envelope will be printed with a logo and a special design.


A postcard will be on sale for both the public and for postcard and maximum card collectors.


A catalogue will be printed in A4 format, on the model of the PhilaMeyrin ’05 catalogue (see the sample available). Besides official information, there will be articles written by philatelists, postcard and aviation specialists.

Other planned attractions

- Exhibition of a glider (in collaboration with the AéCGe).

- Exhibition of suspended scale model airplanes (in collaboration with the AéCGe).

- Annual meeting of SAV (Swiss Aerophilatelic Society).

- FISA’s Congress and General Assembly (International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies).

- Captive balloon with the possibility to make a flight.

The dream of a few Genevese in 1909 : to fly an aeroplane over the inner harbour. One hundred years later.


Date and plane of the event

The Aero philatelic Event will be held on Friday 24th till Sunday 26th April 2009 in the “Forum Meyrin” building, located in the middle of the town of Meyrin.This building is a cultural center which is composed of a theatre seating 700, two sections for exhibitions, eleven classrooms, a library with more than 40’000 books, a restaurant and a youth club.Forum Meyrin is also rather special because of its volume (about 5’000 m3) and its modern architecture, which combine to make a friendly and airy place.Entry is possible from any side of the building, constructed around a central patio topped by a high glass pyramid. The building is symbolic of life in a city: its four exits give on to four sites of communal life, the school, the church, the town hall and the shopping centre.Outside, seven long, thin metal sculptures welcome visitors, while inside, two enormous iron sculptures give an impression of grandeur. The range and the diversity of the events held here attract many spectators from all over the canton and make it popular beyond Geneva’s borders.

ForuMeyrin Place des Cinq-Continents 1 CH-1217 Meyrin


For this philatelic event, even more than for previous successful events, the CPM intends to develop the public aspect more than ever before.


Composition du Comité d'Organisation (CO)

Président : M. Christian NOIR Relations publiques : M. Jean-Claude CAILLIEZ
Vice-président : M. Olivier STEINHAUSER Animation : M. Lionel BREITMEYER
Trésorier : M. Roger MARTY Catalogue : M. Bernard VOUILLAMOZ
Commissaire général : M. Georges ECHENARD Publicité : M. Bernard ROULY
Jeunesse/Ecoles : Mme Carmen HISCHIER Technique/Matériel : M. Alain SCHMITT